No matter where on this planet tea is being filled into bags and packed – in the majority of cases, you can rightly assume there’s a TEEPACK machine at work. Since the foundation of TEEPACK in 1948, we have delivered more than 3,000 packaging machines for double chamber tea bags. And the fact that most of them are still running, says a lot about our highest quality standards.

TEEPACK is operating in over 50 countries. Thanks to our top-notch tea bag packaging machines, we’ve come to play a leading role on the world market. Thanks to the groundbreaking invention of the double chamber tea bag almost 70 years ago, TEEPACK embarked on its success story which is represented today by some 180 employees. More than two thirds of them are engineers, mechanical engineers and specialist workers. Together with their colleagues in management and administration they produce what makes TEEPACK so strong: highly efficient and durable packaging machines that are individually tailored to their customers and 100 percent made in Germany. A commitment to quality we keep up everyday – from a single machine to a fully automatic, computer-controlled production line.