The convincing modular machine concept

When it comes to protecting the products of a strong brand during transport, only the right packaging can preserve their potential taste sensations. If you’re interested in an individually designed packaging solution, the vertical form, fill & seal machine ZENOBIA from TEEPACK proves to be a master of versatility. Thanks to its modular design and advanced technical equipment, it allows customised packaging variations which fully adapt to your individual standards and requirements. ZENOBIA by TEEPACK opens up multiple options while combining maximum flexibility with absolute reliability.


With ZENOBIA, TEEPACK introduces a vertical, form, fill and seal machine that’s designed for maximum performance and can be used in almost all areas of bag packaging. With an output of up to 200 bags per minute, it sets new standards in efficiency and flexibility to ensure the economic use of your means of production. Discover the modular machine concept of ZENOBIA and benefit from our comprehensive assembly kit which meets your needs with various equipment options.

Thanks to its modular design and the large choice of special equipment, ZENOBIA manages to produce bags in an impressive variety. It is due to this versatility that you will always end up with the specific packaging that’s perfect for your brand and your product. ZENOBIA adapts to your individual standards and requirements and produces the most varied bags, such as e.g. block bottom bags, chain bags, gusset bags and four-edge sealing bags. Not to mention the most diverse package sizes and the various sealing systems, such as ultrasonic four-edge sealing, impulse or heat sealing.



Packaging variants

Air-Free Bag
Block Bottom Bag
Chain Bag
Edged Scaled Bag
Gusset Bag
Pillow Bag
Side Folded Bag
Premium Bag

Nominal output
Pillow Bag 200 bags/min.
Gusset Bag 130 bags/min.
Block Bottom Bag 100 bags/min.
Air-Free Bag 100 bags/min.
Connection data
Mains connection 230/400V, 50 Hz, 3Ph, N/PE
Air pressure min. 6 bar
Protection class IP54
Machine colour V2A stainless steel
Foil specifications
Foil width max. 650 mm
Foil roll diameter max. 550 mm
Inner roll core diameter 76 mm
Pillow Bag specifications
Pillow Bag width 60-280 mm
Pillow Bag draw-off length 100-600 mm
Gusset Bag specifications
Gusset Bag width 60-200 mm
Gusset Bag depth 40-100 mm
Gusset Bag draw-off length 100-450 mm
Air Free Bag specifications
Air-Free Bag width 60-200 mm
Air-Free Bag depth 40-100 mm
Air-Free Bag fill level 60-250 mm
Air-Free Bag flap length 40-100 mm
Air-Free Bag draw-off length 100-400 mm
Block Bottom Bag specifications
Block Bottom Bag width 60-200 mm
Block Bottom Bag depth 40-100 mm
Block Bottom Bag fill level 60-250 mm
Block Bottom Bag flap length 40-100 mm
Block Bottom Bag draw-off length 100-400 mm
Reserve technical changes

Patented Air-Free system for your best packaging

ZENOBIA’s patented Air-Free system performs multiple tasks simultaneously: It takes just one processing step to close the tubular bag, compress the product as necessary and press all excess air out of the bag. The Air-Free system which manages up to 100 air-free bags per minute, replaces a space-consuming additional machine, avoids wasting packaging material and helps you save.

Among the strongest advantages of the Air-Free system are:

  • higher bag stability – due to the defined shift of the bottom seam
  • consistent quality of air-reduced bags – thanks to process-integrated filling height adjustment
  • easy gassing possibility – because the bag is sealed in the machine
  • significant savings on packaging material – thanks to a minimal bag fin and the top seam being  sealed directly above filling level
  • gentle product densification – thanks to optionally activated vibration impulses during the packaging process

Showing a clear profile with ultrasound four-edge sealing

Premium packaging goes together with ultrasonic four-edge sealing where both the cross seams as well as the longitudinal seams of the filled bags are sealed by ultrasonic. It’s a patented, non-contact sealing technology which requires no heat – in contrast to the heat-sealing method – and manages to produce particularly precise sealing seams for high-value packaging results. This is valid for both food and non-food industries. ZENOBIA accomplishes up to 100 four-edge sealed bags per minute in a continuous process. This ensures a high-quality, brand-oriented product presentation and improved stability. The longitudinal seam can be placed in a sealing edge, thus enlarging the printable area.

Process-reliable and low-maintenance

The Active Film Unwinding with controlled drive and dancer system ensures a steady slip-free film guidance. The consistent film carrier unit and the film tracking control allow for non-stop and exact film guidance. The position of the film can therefore be corrected automatically while processing.

Process-secure machine operations are supported by electronically controlled servo drives and the TEEPACK software: after an initial base data input, it automatically calculates the optimised parameters for each format. Automatic data retention allows for quick format changes at short notice with minimal set-up time. The clear and concise user interface, customer-friendly programming, touchscreen and industrial PC further facilitate operating ZENOBIA. The machine-integrated electric cabinet is air-conditioned, and in order to ensure continued high performance, the servo drives of the main drives are additionally water-cooled.

More efficient, more flexible … and downright user-friendly

Machine down times during a film reel change are unknown to ZENOBIA because that’s done automatically without disrupting production. The splice can be done between changing the reels which greatly improves efficiency. 

The same applies to the extremely quick and user-friendly change of format which won’t take longer than 15 to 20 minutes – all the operator has to do is release two clamping levers in the longitudinal sealing unit. Thanks to computer-controlled recipe management, the defined sealing times, temperatures and machine cycles are assigned to any desired bag format. In case of a format change, all data are immediately available which ensures a seamless production. PC-based machine control via touchscreen enables simple operation while fault signals are rapidly resolved thanks to online diagnostics.

We make sure no oxygen can enter the bag

Oxygen-sensitive products are effectively protected by ZENOBIA’s integrated gassing system which automatically supplies nitrogen or noble gases during the packaging process. The advantages: high product quality and a longer lifetime. The optional valve application allows attaching up to 100 aroma valves or relief valves per minute to the flat, unshaped film web via ultrasonic technology. The clear advantage: the package stays in its shape because emitted gases no longer put them under pressure. At the same time, your product is optimally protected because no oxygen can enter the bag.

Because the correct dosage counts

ZENOBIA accepts all commonplace dosing techniques which means you’ll get excellent flexibility and optimum performance when processing the most diverse products.

Volumetric dosing systems offer an optimum solution when it comes to volumetrically packaging free-flowing, lumpy or granular products. A quick adaptation to any desired volume is ensured by the easy-to-operate cup change system. The exact dosing of powdery and fine-grained products is achieved by auger dosing – with milligram precision, thanks to the infinitely adjustable screw speed. And with the multi-head weighing system, even gravimetric dosing is possible.

Exact folding, sophisticated tagging

The air-reduced bag, sealed with the help of the Air-Free system and dimensionally stable, is transferred immediately after the filling process to the conveyor belt of ZENOBIA’s integrated and fully automatic folding and tagging machine FM260. This adds considerably to ZENOBIA’s extreme efficiency. All measuring data of the Density Control System are also transmitted to the FM260 via an electronic coupling.

Since the folding unit is synchronised with the conveyor belt, the bag stands practically idle in the machine – a basic prerequisite for exact labelling. Once the bag’s top flap is properly aligned, it gets folded and is finally fixated with a resealable tag. Fluctuations to the height of the bag are compensated by an automatic height adjustment of the folding devices. Format changes are done without mechanical exchange components. All movements are performed via servo drives and spindles, and all settings can be saved in a recipe, ready to be retrieved for a format change. As you can see, in a ZENOBIA by TEEPACK continuous operation and automated folding processes are optimally interlinked.

The first impression is always decisive; premium products therefore call for a premium package. The touch and feel, shape and design of a package are vital parts of the product experience because they sustainably coin people’s brand appreciation. We offer the ultimate packaging for premium tea – ultrasonic sealed, transparent nylon bags with up to 7 grams net weight that let your customers visibly experience the product. The vertical, form, fill and seal machine ZENOBIA will perform as a genuine, versatile “packaging artist” for your products. The nylon bag is also perfectly suited for other, small-sized products such as candy, granulates etc. At speeds of up to 80 tea bags per minute, our ZENOBIA PREMIUM BAG functions as an efficient, high-grade guarantor of economic operations.

No doubt it will give you a broader range of possibilities: with its vertical, form, fill and seal machine ZENOBIA, TEEPACK sets new standards. Whether it’s tea, coffee, rice, noodles, cereals or pulses – ZENOBIA packs lumpy, granular or powdery products quickly, reliably and in high quality. The sheer flexibility makes ZENOBIA by TEEPACK the optimum vertical, form, fill and seal machine for any brand and market …


Having invented the double chamber tea bag, TEEPACK is familiar with the peculiarities of tea as a product and has a clear advantage when it comes to tubular bag packaging. The light weight of tea is responsible for slow fall times and trickling onto the sealing seam – therefore, we have developed an option that avoids this phenomenon. ZENOBIA enables an efficient high-quality production of premium tea bags which highlights your tea at the point of sale even more. 


Any good coffee thrives on its aroma and pleasant fragrance as soon as the package is opened. To make sure none of that is lost on the way to the consumer, ZENOBIA by TEEPACK ensures a perfect atmosphere thanks to inert gas injection. The use of an aroma-protecting valve eliminates the danger of negative effects of oxygen to the product while emerging gases can escape from the bag which remains in the desired shape. The valve is applied with the help of cutting-edge ultrasonic technology.


Whether it’s gusset bags, block packages or bags with clips – ZENOBIA by TEEPACK is able to produce all established types of pasta bags. Its particular strength lies in the well thought-out quick-change system and rapid format change, which reduces machine down times to a minimum and ensures an efficient, individually adjusted packaging process with any pasta variant. You bring the variety, ZENOBIA by TEEPACK offers the solution that brings everything together.


The folded and labelled block bottom bag has remained one of the most popular rice packagings up to this day. It can be produced particularly quickly and in high quality with ZENOBIA by TEEPACK. If required, the top-sealing can be geared to enable a user-friendly pouring of the product. Our proprietary cup dosing system is also part of ZENOBIA’s comprehensive package. This allows you to spotlight your rice product with bags that are manufactured in top quality.


Whether cornflakes or traditional muesli with dried fruit – even for the bag-in-box packaging of cereals, ZENOBIA by TEEPACK offers a complete production process from a single source. Our “Air-Free system” ensures a gentle compression of the product when it’s packed into bags. The outer packaging can be designed in smaller dimensions than conventional packaging would allow – this saves you material and costly floor space. To comply with different packaging types that feature bags with clips or edge sealing, TEEPACK’s ZENOBIA can be equipped accordingly.

Sweets and snacks

To stand out from the competition, just add edge sealing or another special feature that’s customised  to your product. ZENOBIA by TEEPACK makes practically everything possible. Even for casted goods, it can be optimally incorporated in the line production, thus eliminating the need for interim storage of the products. Rather they are packaged in a single working cycle on the casting line – with corresponding time savings.

For sweets that are susceptible to fractures, such as cookies, ZENOBIA offers a specialty: moving horizontal sealing jaws reduce the impact force. The more refined your product is, the more we’re tickled to optimise your production process with a ZENOBIA from TEEPACK.

Deep-frozen foods

The machine has to adapt to the product, not vice versa. This applies in particular to packaging deep-frozen foods since the products often show irregularities in shape and texture. ZENOBIA by TEEPACK, however, can be perfectly integrated in your production flow, thus safeguarding the continuity of your freezing chain.

Our optimised sealing process with solid sealed seams protects your products against contamination, attack of microorganisms, dehydration, ingress of liquid and external influences on the smell and taste. By the way, cleaning ZENOBIA is totally uncomplicated.


You intend to pack dowels in bags equipped with cardboard indexes? Try our ultrasonic-sealed, transparent nylon bags. Or is it all about detergents in block packages? We offer you an entire system from dosing to a high-speed machine concept. ZENOBIA by TEEPACK gives you every possibility to customise the design of machines and modules until they perfectly meet the requirements of your product. Or as we say, “wrap your brand in quality.”