Our top performer perfectly adapts to your demands.

The name says it all – for good reason, we have chosen the name PERFECTA for our extremely high-performing, fast and multifunctional tea packaging allrounder. Because it perfectly adapts to your individual standards and requirements, and because it offers absolute perfection in terms of efficiency and flexibility.

The PERFECTA NEW GENERATION is more than the upgrade of one of the most successful tea packaging machines on the market. The new PERFECTA constitutes a further step towards the world of modular systems, giving you maximum flexibility for the growth and expansion of your production. Expand the range of packaging for your brand with additive components, without the need to replace the entire machine.

At present, PERFECTA NEW GENERATION by TEEPACK is available in five different versions – in order to meet the different requirements of our clients across the globe. Whether tag knotting/stapling or filter bag knotting/stapling is required, even up to 22cm³ filling volume. Whether naked tea bags or crimped/heat sealed envelopes are produced. Or finally automatic cartoning with the box erecting device type ISA and lid closing device type IDS or an all-in-one solution packed in flow pack bags. The PERFECTA NEW GENERATION modular machine system with its packaging versatility offers flexibility and utmost efficiency.



  • Naked double chamber tea bag
  • Stapling or knotting machine
  • Nominal output: up to 420 bags/min


  • Double chamber tea bag: nacked bag or paper or heat sealed envelope bag
  • Stapling or knotting machine
  • Nominal output: up to 380 bags/min


  • All-in-one solution: filling and packaging of double chamber tea bag in one single step
  • Stapling or knotting machine
  • Capacity of up to 400 bags/min


  • XL double chamber tea bag
  • Filling capacity: up to 22 cm³
  • Stapling or knotting machine
  • Nominal output: up to 250 bags/min


  • Double chamber tea bag with paper envelope
  • Tag is cut from the paper envelope itself – no further tag needed
  • Capacity of up to 380 bags/min