Again, the name says it all: PERFECTA UNIVERSAL by TEEPACK is ready to accomplish any task indeed. The foundation of its utter flexibility (it puts out up to 380 bags per minute) lies in its quick- retrofitting capacity: TEEPACK’s PERFECTA UNIVERSAL produces double chamber tea bags with string and cardboard tag which can be inserted into either paper or aroma-protecting heat sealed envelope. When a naked double chamber tea bag is to be equipped with an outer envelope made of paper or foil, the rearrangement is done by switching the envelope feeding station on or off and a quick exchange of a few format parts inside the cartoner. Here’s how it works: After the double chamber tea bag has received its tag, it is fed to a universal wheel where the labelled bag is, following the proven principles, wrapped in paper or heat sealing foil. The tea bag is subsequently conveyed to a universal cartoner which is able to process all three types of bags. The enveloping unit and the cartoner are fitted on the left side of a standard PERFECTA machine.

Speaking of standards: PERFECTA UNIVERSAL by TEEPACK is a good example of how the combination of cutting-edge mechanical engineering made in Germany and the requests of our international clients raises the standards … and makes tried and tested TEEPACK machines even better and more durable. The basic machine of the PERFECTA UNIVERSAL is a PERFECTA TAG.

Packaging variants

Cardboard tag knotted
Cardboard tag stapled
Filter bag knotted
Filter bag stapled
Paper Envelope
HS Envelope

The Benefits

  • Production speed up to 380 bags and up to 350 bags per minute with HS foil
  • Manufacturing options for 3 bag types (naked bag, paper envelope or heat seal envelope)
  • Flexible production, can be quickly converted from naked bag to envelope production and vice versa
  • Hard tag in the envelope (smallest tag size available: 20x24 mm)
  • Knotting or stapling machine (reversible configuration)
  • Flavour dosing device (optional)
  • Automatic splicer (optional)
  • Tea bag with cardboard tag and aluminium staple/knotted thread (with paper envelope or aroma protection foil)
Production speed up to 380 bags/minute
Length x Width approx. 3510 x 1700 mm
Height with hopper approx. 2460 mm
Height without hopper approx. 2270 mm
Net weight approx. 3600 kg
Electric power connection 10.0 kW / 10.0 kW*
Consumption up to 5.0 kWh
Operating pressure 6 bar
Consumption 200 up to 800 NL/minute
800 up to 1200 NL/minute**
Compressed air connection 1/2“
*electrical power connection for knotting machine.
**compressed air pressure consumption for knotting machine.

You can reach your TEEPACK Specialist via
Phone: +49 2132 976 - 0


  • Naked double chamber tea bag
  • Stapling or knotting machine
  • Nominal output: up to 420 bags/min


  • All-in-one solution: filling and packaging of double chamber tea bag in one single step
  • Stapling or knotting machine
  • Capacity of up to 400 bags/min


  • XL double chamber tea bag
  • Filling capacity: up to 22 cm³
  • Stapling or knotting machine
  • Nominal output: up to 250 bags/min


  • Double chamber tea bag with paper envelope
  • Tag is cut from the paper envelope itself – no further tag needed
  • Capacity of up to 380 bags/min