PERFECTA TAG by TEEPACK is a perfect system when it comes to produce double chamber tea bags with string and cardboard tag. To support and protect the authentic aroma of your tea, PERFECTA uses natural non-heat seal filter paper which is not coated with chemical hot glue. Everything to preserve the full flavour and the corresponding enjoyment. The commercial success you can realise with a PERFECTA TAG is ensured by sheer machine power: It produces up to 420 bags per minute. Clean, precise and ready for transport because the tag is equipped with a “thread safety” – a tiny slit at the lower end of the tag retains the string. This prevents the strings and tags from getting tangled up in the carton, e.g. during transport. And whatever you prefer: PERFECTA TAG cuts the carton tags either with straight edges or cropped corners.

Packaging variants

Cardboard tag knotted
Cardboard tag stapled
Filter bag knotted
Filter bag stapled

The Benefits

  • Capacity of up to 420 bags/min.
  • Available as stapling or knotting machine
  • Exchangeable knotting and stapling stations
  • Faulty bag ejection
  • Motor operated bag weight adjusting mechanism
  • Computer controlled weight checker for full boxes (optional)
  • Cardboard divider strip from reel (optional)
  • Flavour dosing device (optional)
  • Servo-controlled tag corner punching station (optional)
  • Automatic splicer (optional)
Production speed up to 420 bags/minute
Length x Width approx. 2780 x 1700 mm
Height with hopper approx. 2460 mm
Height without hopper approx. 2270 mm
Net weight approx. 2500 kg
Electric power connection 4.0 kW / 6.0 kW*
Consumption up to 3.6 kWh
Operating pressure 6 bar
Consumption up to 200 NL/minute
up to 600 NL/minute**
Compressed air connection 1/2“
*electrical power connection for knotting machine.
**compressed air pressure consumption for knotting machine.

You can reach your TEEPACK Specialist via
Phone: +49 2132 976 - 0


  • Double chamber tea bag: nacked bag or paper or heat sealed envelope bag
  • Stapling or knotting machine
  • Nominal output: up to 380 bags/min


  • All-in-one solution: filling and packaging of double chamber tea bag in one single step
  • Stapling or knotting machine
  • Capacity of up to 400 bags/min


  • XL double chamber tea bag
  • Filling capacity: up to 22 cm³
  • Stapling or knotting machine
  • Nominal output: up to 250 bags/min


  • Double chamber tea bag with paper envelope
  • Tag is cut from the paper envelope itself – no further tag needed
  • Capacity of up to 380 bags/min