Tag punch

A tag feed system enables greater flexibility and more design options for the tags. The feed system is driven by a servo motor making it possible to process a tag reel without punchedout corners. The integrated punching unit can also punch out the corners or other geometric shapes from the tag material. The station can quickly be set to any tag size by exchanging a few format parts.

Weight checking system

The weight checking system can be optionally integrated into the PERFECTA controls. It consists of a control scale, an interface for data exchange and a faulty box ejector. This system conducts an automatic weight check of every box and adjusts the motorized weight regulation system when necessary. The faulty box ejection device removes the boxes from production which do not conform to the exact weight specifications.

Box erecting & lid closing devices integrated

The integrated box erecting device pushes the plain box by means of a stamp into the finished form ready for filling with bags. The finished box is then transported directly into the PERFECTA machine. The integrated lid closing device folds the dust flaps of the filled box and closes the lid.


Once the end of a reel is reached, the PERFECTA Splicer automatically splices the next roll of material while the machine remains operational. This useful option reduces machine downtime and allows for significantly more material feed flexibility. The modular concept is such that two roller holders and one splicer unit form one module, splicers are available for one, two or even three material types. The machine can process roll diameters of up to Ø 600 mm of filter paper and paper or foil envelope material.

The machine’s universal structure allows for quick and easy format changes without the need for additional parts. Parts can be exchanged by hand and the handling of all materials is the same. The result is an accurate alignment of materials edges – the output of the bag with an adhesive point is similarly automated.

Up to six reel pickup stations

Manufacturers who respond quickly to market changes will always be a step ahead of the competition. That is why the PERFECTA can easily be expanded to meet any requirement. It offers great flexibility in terms of tag design, allows for flavour dosing with up to two flavours and is available with an optional weight check system.

The machine can also accommodate up to three optional splicer devices for filter paper, enveloping foil and tags, as well as up to six reel pickup stations.