Premium quality tea packaging at an attractive price-benefit ratio

If TEEPACK’s COMPACTA didn’t already exist, we would have to invent it: COMPACTA by TEEPACK is a multifunctional machine with a modular design which enables high-quality tea packaging at a convincing cost-benefit ratio, gives you maximum flexibility, functions efficiently and is absolutely easy to operate. It allows for a quick change of formats – from naked bags to double chamber tea bags in heat sealable foils.

You’ve got very specific ideas about how your tea should be packed? COMPACTA will take care of that for you.




  • Double chamber tea bag
  • Stapling or knotting machine
  • Nominal output: up to 250 bags/min
  • Easy plug-and-produce system allows production of tea bags with heat sealed envelope


  • Double chamber tea bag: nacked bag or heat sealed envelope bags
  • Stapling or knotting machine
  • Capacity of up to 230 bags/min
  • Easy plug-and-produce system allows production of naked tea bags

Teas, fruits and herbs are very delicate and deserve an appropriately caring treatment. From growing to harvesting and transporting all the way through to infusion they require a high degree of handling care so that their consistency, taste and aroma are fully preserved. This makes the packaging – the tea bag – all the more important.
TEEPACK has more than once proven to play a leading role in technological development. Just a few years ago, in 2012, TEEPACK has won the German Packaging Award for its “Air Knotting” invention. The Air Knotting system which comes standard with TEEPACK’s COMPACTA consists of two forming halves with locating channels which form the desired knot: the thread is sucked through the locating channels by applying a vacuum and subsequently tightened. The air knotting system – a TEEPACK patent – offers substantial advantages to our clients: Thanks to this prize-winning procedure, the tea bag thread is no longer mechanically knotted onto the tag with needles. No more need for specially hardened, costly steel needles – the expenses for spare parts can be lowered significantly. The vacuum process not only minimises the number of wear and tear parts; it’s also very user-friendly and reduces maintenance costs to a minimum. These are great news – even for existing COMPACTA machines – because the exclusive “Air Knotting System” allows what you’ve come to expect from TEEPACK: it can be easily installed into existing COMPACTA machine concepts.