The COMPACTA HS module from TEEPACK lets you expand your product portfolio in a quick, simple and cost-efficient way. The module is easily connected to your COMPACTA as a “plug-and-produce” system, thus enabling the production of 230 double chamber tea bags per minute, heat-sealed in a three-sided foil in order to protect the taste and aroma of your teas.

Also, even the final packaging of the tea bags benefits from COMPACTA’s great flexibility: whether it’s the COMPACTA TAG or the COMPACTA with HS module – you can always choose between manual and automatic box filling.

Packaging variants

Cardboard tag knotted
Cardboard tag Stapled
Filter bag knotted
Filter bag stapled
Heat-sealed Envelope

The Benefits

  • Capacity of up to 230 bags/min.
  • Available as knotting and stapling machine
  • Faulty bag ejection
  • Automatic box filling system (optional)
  • Nitrogen flushing (optional)
Production speed up to 230 bags/minute
Length x Width approx. 2895 x 1860 mm *
approx. 3130 x 1860 mm **
Height with hopper approx. 2360 mm
Height without hopper approx. 2030 mm
Net weight approx. 2850 kg *
approx. 2900 kg **
Electric power connection 4.0 kW
Consumption up to 3.4 kWh
Operating pressure 6 bar
Consumption up to 200 NL/minute *
up to 250 NL/minute **
Compressed air connection 1/2“
* with hand removal system
** with automatic box filling system

You can reach your TEEPACK Specialist via
Phone: +49 2132 976 - 0


  • Double chamber tea bag
  • Stapling or knotting machine
  • Nominal output: up to 250 bags/min
  • Easy plug-and-produce system allows production of tea bags with heat sealed envelope