The vertical form, fill and seal machine (vffs) is an automated packaging system that can be used in all fields of the packaging industry and enables the efficient production, filling and sealing of bags in one compact and space-saving system. 

The first vertical tubular bag machines were already built in 1936 to meet the increasing demand for machine packaging in plastic foils – and even today the vertical form, fill and seal machine is the first choice when it comes to packaging a variety of products.

Different bag variants can be produced with just one machine, thus ensuring the packaging of a wide range of products: From aromatic coffee to dry products, fresh products, deep-frozen food, pet food and non-food products. Spices are usually packed in plain, transparent gusseted bags, brittle sweets are presented in luxurious block bottom bags and coffee is given the perfect atmosphere under protective gassing to preserve its special flavour. The specific requirements of the products for their packaging are manifold – and they can all be met by the modular design of the vertical form, fill and seal machine.

The Dosage

In order to ensure that the packaged bag always contains the defined quantity of the product, it is necessary to dose the product before filling. Bulk goods such as cereals, pasta or dry feed for animals are packed on the basis of their filling weight using a multi-head weighing system; powdered or finely ground products such as ground coffee, tea or flour are precisely dosed by the auger dosing system and then packed. Products such as rice or legumes can be volumetrically measured via the cup dosing system before they are packaged.

The Packaging Process

The packaging foil is pulled from the roll of material over the format tube, formed into a tube and sealed by a non-contact longitudinal sealing system. The foil tube is then pressed together and sealed crosswise to form the ready-to-fill packaging bag. The dosed product is then filled into the bag, which is finally sealed by a transverse seal on the head.

Vertical Form, Fill and Seal Machine ZENOBIA 

The ZENOBIA, our vertical form, fill and seal machine, can be used almost without limits in all industries. Whether tea, coffee, dry products, deep-frozen food, fresh products, animal feed or non-food: the modular machine concept and the extensive modular equipment and upgrade system enable the machine to adapt to the requirements and needs of the product and thus offer maximum flexibility.