The quality of a tea can also be determined by its packaging - the shape, design and feel are part of the product experience, which has a lasting impact on a brand's perception. With its high-quality materials and manufacturing, the premium bag gives the product exclusivity and contributes to a successful positioning at the point of sale.

Nowadays, rational reasons are no longer sufficient to encourage consumers to buy the product. The product and its packaging must represent a comprehensible unit in order to arouse emotions and trust. Products that succeed in expressing individuality and also sustainably present this at the point of sale leave an authentic impression. Sales and revenue figures, especially for high-quality products, also depend on the attractiveness and quality of the product packaging.

In contrast to conventional tea bags, the quality of the tea in premium bags can not only be tasted, but can also be seen through the transparent nylon bag. The label application transports the brand message over a large area and enables the bag to be securely hung and fixed in a cup or mug.

Premium Bag, produced with our Vertical Form, Fill and Seal Machine ZENOBIA

With a length of 132 to 160 mm, the premium bag with a capacity of 7 g also offers a wide range of possibilities outside the tea market: The premium bag can, for example, also be filled with dried herbs or granulates.

The label application has a length of 50 to 150 mm and offers plenty of space for the brand message. In contrast to conventional tea bags, this exclusive detail makes them stand out and consumers are more aware of them.

The overall picture of a high-quality, exclusive bag is rounded off by its ultrasonically sealed seams. In contrast to heat-sealed seams, these are discreet and barely perceptible.