Block bottom bags are a popular and widely used type of packaging used in all markets. Due to their special bottom shape, they offer increased strength and stability, which makes it easier for the consumer to remove the product.

In the case of products which are usually portioned and removed partially, the block bottom bag with folded bag fin is used. With this packaging solution, the top bag fin is folded down after the bag has been filled and secured with a reusable tag.

After opening the bag at the sealing seam, the gable-shaped head fin makes it easier to pour out the product. After removal, the consumer can fold it over again and close it using the label to protect the remaining product from external influences.

The Production of a Block Bottom Bag with Folded Head Fin using the ZENOBIA

The »FM260 folding and labeling machine« module enables the production of resealable block packs with the ZENOBIA vertical form, fill and seal machine. The continuous operation of the ZENOBIA with integrated air-free system and the automatic folding processes interact optimally.

The filled bag is transferred to the folding and labeling machine after the product has been densified and the block bottom bag has been sealed. With the help of the folding unit, which runs along with the transport belt, the bag fin is then aligned, turned over either once or twice and fixed with the resealable label.