The Flowpack is the pioneer of flexible packaging variants. Already in the 1930s it was manufactured by machine – and is still an all-round talent today.

A side-folded bag is a type of packaging which is hermetically sealed to meet all packaging requirements. It protects the packaged products from moisture and dehydration and can be prepared for the end customer in a visually appealing way. Depending on its intended use, this type of packaging is easy to handle as it can be opened without any effort and, depending on the version, can also be resealed. Due to the materials used, only an empty bag remains after use, which can be disposed of conveniently.

Due to their properties, flowpacks are the ideal form of packaging for foodstuffs: they have only a low weight and offer food-safe hygiene and extended shelf life of the products due to their high stability. The integration of resealable systems enables the consumer to enjoy the product in portions and to store it further in the original bag.

TEEPACK Machines for the Production of Flowpack Bags


Fill and wrap Tea Bags with only one Machine. Efficient and ecological.

From the production of double chamber tea bags to ready-packed flowpacks: The PERFECTA FLOW PACK offers maximum economy. The purchase of a separate packaging machine as well as the transport of unpacked bags becomes unnecessary.

The smooth transfer between tea bags and flowpack unit not only offers a time- and space-saving solution for packaging ten or more tea bags, but also hermetically seals the tea's flavor.

The sealed tubular bags are filled with the tea bags and both ends are sealed with a seam. The advantage over individually packaged tea bags lies in the economic efficiency of the packaging: the flavor seal only has to be applied once. Since the foil used for the flowpack can be individually printed, the attractive presentation of the product can also be achieved without additional cardboard packaging. The flowpack would thus already be a saleable unit, but can also be packed in a folding box afterwards.

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One Packaging Machine. Many possibilities

With the ZENOBIA, our vertical form, fill and seal machine (VFFS), TEEPACK sets standards in the packaging industry. Whether tea, coffee, rice, pasta, legumes or even non-food products - ZENOBIA packs chunky, granular or powdery products quickly, efficiently, safely and with the usual high quality.

The concept of the vertical tubular bag machine offers the efficient possibility of packaging products using the form-fill-seal principle. Starting from the roll, the packaging foil is pulled over a format tube, formed into a tube and sealed by an innovative, contact-free longitudinal sealing system. The foil tube is then flattened and cross-sealed by the transverse sealing station. The product is then filled into the bag and the bag is sealed by the transverse sealing device of the head.

The quality of the food to be packaged can be ensured by integrating a gassing system. By feeding nitrogen and special gases into the packaging process, oxygen-sensitive products are effectively protected. This increases the quality and extends the shelf life of the product.

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