Worldwide, no drink is enjoyed as much as tea. This makes it the most popular – and after water the most consumed – drink in the world. The trend is continuing: while the per capita consumption in Germany in the 90s was around 22 liters, it had already risen to 25 liters by the turn of the millennium. In 2017 the average consumption was 27.5 liters per person. The East Frisians are not included in the German statistics because it would falsify the result. At around 300 liters per capita, the East Frisians drink almost ten times as much tea as the average person. (Source: – english Version)

The decision between green and black tea is no longer necessary. The product range is becoming ever more colorful, creative and diverse. About one third of the tea consumed is flavored tea.

Flavors have been used for decades to give black or green tea a new taste and to achieve a sensory experience. In this way, the teas can be produced in many new variations and flavors. Earl Grey has been produced since the 1850s and is known as the oldest flavored black tea; jasmine tea has its origins in the Chinese Song Dynasty and is one of the best-known flavored teas based on green tea.

Since fruits lose some of their natural flavor when dried, flavorings also play an important role in the production of fruit and herbal teas.

The »Flavor Dosing System« is a module for the tea bag packaging machine PERFECTA, which allows the refinement of the flavor of the tea by adding one or two flavorings as granules. The flavoring substances are added immediately before the tea by applying the appropriate dose for each bag to the filter paper.

In contrast to manual flavoring, the tea is not premixed with the flavoring substances. This is the only way to ensure a constant ratio of tea and granules. The exact dosage on the filter paper prevents demixing, which can occur during manual flavoring. In this way, the taste of the infused beverage always remains the same – bag by bag.

In order to be able to check the exact amount of flavor to be added during production, a quick and simple weight check of a bag using a sampling device is possible. The bags, which are produced for sampling, are then ejected and not fed for further production. Thus the module ensures that the quality of the flavored tea remains constant.