Folding boxes have established themselves as a packaging variant for tea bags - not only do they require less transport and storage volume, but with responsible production they also comply with the strict standards and hygiene regulations of the Food Hygiene Ordinance.

The box filling system is an integrated unit for the tea bag packaging machines of the PERFECTA NEW GENERATION, which enables the automatic packing of tea bags into the folding box. In contrast to manual filling, this ensures fast, flawless processing and better planning. The values (such as number of bags and number of rows per folding box) are entered via the machine's touch screen.

The final tea bags are pushed from the bag pick-off unit into the stack container of the filling system. The bags - upside down - are counted and "stacked" in a row. To ensure correct positioning in the box, the complete row of bags is then fed into the cassette shaft and rotated by 180°. The erected folding box is already below the cassette shaft; the counted and turned bags are inserted there and the box continues its way towards the further production process.