At the beginning of the 19th century, loose tea was usually packed in tin cans. Over the years, the can has almost been replaced by the folding box as a common tea packaging. It has the decisive advantage that it is cheaper to produce and requires less transport and storage volume. In addition, it offers the possibility of differentiating oneself from other brands at the point of sale and ensuring a recognition value for customers. To ensure this, a perfect impression is important. Not only the visual aspect of the packaging itself matters, but also the design and feel. Any kinks or damage in the tea packaging reduce confidence in the quality of the tea and its brand.

Box Erector: From Flat Blanks to Folded Boxes.

In the production process, folding boxes are not formed into a box until immediately before they are filled. This is done either manually or mechanically by the so-called erecting process. Contrary to what the name might suggest, erecting is not a matter of tilting the formed box, but of forming the folded box from a flat blank, known as a plano.

The box erector is a unit of the tea bag packaging machine PERFECTA, which enables a mechanical folding and gluing of tea bag boxes.  While the box erector was still available as an optional module in older generations, it is already integrated in the PERFECTA NEW GENERATION. In contrast to manual processing, the fully automatic box erector ensures a constantly fast and high-quality process. 

The flat blank is transported from the magazine of the box erector via belts to the folding unit and covered with glue strips. A punch then presses the blank into the folding box, in which the box takes its shape and is glued by the glue tracks. The box is now completely erected and prepared for filling with tea bags.

Lid Closer: Automatically Closed Cartons with Constant Quality.

After filling the tea bags into the erected boxes, they are now being closed. This process can also be performed either manually or mechanically using the so-called lid closing device. However, manual closing of the lid can lead to unwanted irregularities or faulty production of boxes. The automatic lid closer minimizes this error rate by automating the process. 

The lid closer is already integrated in the PERFECTA NEW GENERATION tea bag packaging machine. Older generations of the PERFECTA can also be upgraded with the optional module. Compared to manual processing, the automatic lid closer ensures fluctuation-free productivity with consistent quality.

When the box reaches the lid closer, it no longer has much in common with the original flat blank: the plano was formed by the box erector and filled with tea bags by the box filling system. After these steps, the lid and the side flaps are still vertically up and must be bent to close the folding box. The insert and dust flaps of the folding boxes are bent by approx. 90°. The dust flaps are held in position by the depressors and the lid is moved downwards by the closing comb. Thus the folding box is closed evenly and is transported by pushing the next box out of the machine.