For a special tea enjoyment, the right amount of tea is of decisive importance in addition to the infusion time and the exact water temperature. The right amount of tea is a science in itself. A common rule of thumb is: one teaspoon of loose tea leaves on one cup of tea. Due to the fact that the volume of tea differs from its weight, the rule of thumb is only partially true. As a result, many people prepare their tea with too many or too few tea leaves.

Tea bags offer a decisive advantage: for the preparation of a cup of tea, there is always exactly the right amount of tea in the bag – and optimally adapted to the corresponding type of tea. To ensure this, an automatic weight control is integrated into the production process of tea bags.

Box-Wise Optimized Tea Enjoyment

The tea bag packaging machine PERFECTA offers with its »Weight Control System« module an ideal automation. Boxes that do not meet the weight specifications on the integrated scales are ejected by the module and do not get into the further production cycle. Consisting of a check weigher, an interface for data exchange and a faulty box ejection, the module can optionally be integrated into the PERFECTA control system.

To ensure consistent quality, the boxes are transferred to the full automatic weight control system after filling. The weight of the box is compared with the previously defined limit values stored in the machine control and the volume of the tea to be filled is regulated continuously and automatically.

If the recorded weight is within the tolerance, the box continues its way towards the further production. If the weight is outside the specified tolerance range, the »faulty box ejection» intervenes. The faulty box is stopped by a pusher and then sorted out by a pneumatic cylinder.

In this way the system automatically compensates for any weight deviations. In contrast to a manual check and correction of the dosage, the mechanical weight control can react and regulate immediately to the occurrence of the tendential deviation – around the clock. The immediate adjustment of the dosage ensures constant quality and economical production.