No other drink in the world is as popular as tea. Therefore it is no surprise that the demand for tea, packed in double chamber tea bags, is constantly growing all over the world. A smooth production process is essential to meet this growing demand. In particular, machine downtimes caused by changing material rolls are effectively avoided. This saves production costs.

With the automatic splicer – a module for the tea bag packaging machine PERFECTA - several material rolls of foil or paper with diameters of up to 600 mm can be picked up and a fully automatic splicing process can be implemented.

When the end of a material roll is reached, the »Automatic Splicer« automatically changes to the next roll while the machine is running. The splicer picks up the materials from both rolls, cuts the end of the active roll to fit exactly and glues it to the beginning of the new roll without offset. The tea bag with the splice is then ejected automatically.

Due to its modular design, the tea bag packaging machine PERFECTA offers manufacturers the opportunity to react quickly to changes on the market through extensions and additional modules. Thus the machine can be equipped for up to three materials and three splicing units for e. g. filter paper, wrapping paper or foil and tags. Due to the universal design, a quick format change is possible without additional parts. The automatic splicer thus provides a process optimization during roll change. This reduces machine downtimes for material changes.