Tea is the most popular drink in the world – in all variations. The tea bag has become the most popular convenience solution for tea preparation compared to loose tea. In Germany about 80 % of all teas are sold in bags, because their convenient and quick handling suit our lives.

Not only the selected tea types, the taste and the processing play a role for the quality, but also the used materials of the tea bag. The growing awareness of sustainability and recyclability is also gaining in importance. An environmentally friendly and healthy production is achieved by avoiding the use of aluminium clips and by using a patented knot technique.

The »Air Knotting System« of TEEPACK tea bag packaging machines is an innovative process that describes a new technological application for knotting the thread. The thread of the bag is no longer attached to the tag by environmentally harmful aluminium clips or knotted by means of specially hardened and cost-intensive steel needles, but knotted by low-maintenance flow and vacuum technology. This technology sucks the thread through guidance channels and then ties it to a knot.

The innovative technology of the »Air Knotting System« was awarded with the German Packaging Prize at the »FachPack« trade fair for packaging and mechanical engineering in 2012. The prize is under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology of Germany and awards the best solutions and innovations in a number of categories since 1963.