At just under 70 years of age, you tend to look back at what you’ve accomplished in life. However, we prefer to proceed – with unlimited dedication: It’s our mission to make strong brands even stronger – not just by providing our clients with first-class technology “made in Germany”. Our high-grade packagings serve to highlight the quality of your brand’s products. We offer the right machines and plenty of good ideas.

Where mechanical engineering ends, TEEPACK goes one step further – with a vast know-how, great expertise and innovative ideas. We firmly believe that all the energy, the time and the passion of a manufacturing brand (such as our sister company TEEKANNE) that’s invested in making excellent products should be reflected in a packaging that’s every bit as excellent. Custom-designed packaging solutions from TEEPACK not only protect the valuable content but also present it sustainably and in high quality – maximum efficiency in the filling process is ensured. The last link in the chain is a high-quality packaging in a superb finish that’s destined to delight your end-customer … while you will be delighted by our pre-sales and after-sales service.

TEEPACK regards itself as a “life-cycle partner” to its clients – from the planning of a new plant or production line down to continuous improvements to the efficiency without disrupting operations. Our high-quality products, made in Germany, ensure failsafe performance and absolute peace of mind with regard to reliability.