Engineers, developers and builders are always in search of the better. They need open space, the right tools and the means to cast their ideas and inspiration into concrete technological solutions you are to benefit from. With your needs in mind, we develop industry and product specific packaging solutions and put them to the test. Our long experience and steadily growing know-how helps us to detect how exactly the packaging of your product or brand can be optimised.

L'art pour l'art is not an option for TEEPACK. On the contrary, our engineers and technicians in R&D are working on improving patented solutions which are realised together with our clients. This is exactly where the innovative powers of TEEPACK lie: customised packaging solutions, conforming to the particular product of the client. To be a global leader in terms of technology and innovations does not mean we’re constantly re-inventing the wheel. Rather, we’re keen on continuously improving our internationally accepted TEEPACK machines and modules – e.g. with client-specific updates. For, in terms of distribution and consumption, people as well as markets do change. Trends, however tentative they may be at first, can become an increasing need within very short time. TEEPACK knows both the market and consumers. Therefore, we can be creative and come up with innovative ideas in the R&D stage already ­– our long and fruitful cooperation with partners in science, service and industry is very helpful at that.

The most recent example of our innovation efforts is certainly the vertical, form, fill and seal machine ZENOBIA: It is so utterly flexible that it can even be used in other industries as well. Whatever our engineers, developers and designers have done with our international tea clients in mind, did in this case open up the gates for other food products as well, such as e.g. pasta, rice, cereals and coffee and even non-food products.

All our TEEPACK machines have a few things in common, and that will be valid in the future, too: They are exceptionally durable, show extremely little wear, they are produced in Germany – from the smallest part to complete systems – and get best results in terms of energy efficiency. All this combined ensures sustainable success for our clients.