As the world's leading company for packaging machines, the ethical and moral behavior towards employees, suppliers, subcontractors, society and the environment is of great importance to us.

The TEEPACK Compliance Rules and Guidelines are an integral part of our corporate culture. They serve as a guideline for ethically impeccable behavior in consideration of social rules and laws as well as mandatory minimum standards and requirements of TEEPACK.

We set a good example. In doing so, we are not only involved within our company, but also look at the entire value chain. Suppliers and subcontractors are particularly in focus. For this reason, we have formulated a standard in the Code of Conduct for Suppliers that requires compliance with national and international laws and social conventions.

Compliance with the rules and guidelines is of elementary importance for TEEPACK. Anyone who decides against behaviour that conforms to rules and values clearly decides against working for TEEPACK.