20. September 2016 Presse , Teaser

Visit Teepack at Tokyo Pack 2016 at booth 6-03 in Tokyo Big Sight (East Hall 1–6) from October 4 to 7, 2016.

September 2016, Meerbusch, Germany – Packaging specialist Teepack will present the latest version of its PERFECTA FLOWPACK, an all-in-one solution for the tea industry, at Tokyo Pack from October 4 to 7, 2016 (Tokyo Big Sight, Booth 6-03). The new version of the machine that produces and packages high-quality, double-chamber tea bags features an optional unit for nitrogen gassing. This tried-and-tested technology for preserving processed food ingredients makes the new packaging solution especially suited for delicate green tea.

Most types of tea – especially green tea – have sensitive flavors, but the processed tea leaves readily react with oxygen, leading to an “ageing process” that causes them to lose their distinctive aroma. Gassing the tea leaves with nitrogen naturally reduces the oxygen, allowing the tea to be hermetically packaged to stay fresh longer without losing its flavor or texture. “In addition to all the features that made the earlier model a success, the new PERFECTA FLOWPACK ensures that the tea keeps its delicious aroma before it is packaged,” Roland Delapille, head of sales tea bag machines at Teepack, explains.

Perfect aroma thanks to hermetically sealing

The PERFECTA FLOWPACK produces tea bags with a string and tag, and then hermetically seals them using heat-sealing technology. Thanks to its integrated flowpack unit, the machine can wrap ten or more filled tea bags in a sealed foil. “This is a significant advantage in countries with constantly high humidity levels. Local wholesalers, retailers and of course customers benefit from the packaging, which guarantees an optimal and long-lasting tea taste,” Delapille adds. By integrating all the functions in a single machine, Teepack’s PERFECTA FLOWPACK provides a highly efficient all-in-one solution, which saves both time and space and so lowers the total costs of ownership.

Cost-efficient and time-saving packaging

Operating the PERFECTA FLOWPACK is highly intuitive. With the help of the control panel (HMI), the number of tea bags to be wrapped in a sealed foil can quickly be adjusted without changing any mechanical settings. Additional time is saved since there is no need to transfer the tea bags from the packaging machine to an external wrapping unit, while the user-friendly recipe-management system means that foil changes are quick and easy. The modular structure makes the machine both highly flexible and low maintenance.

“Thanks to its compact design the PERFECTA FLOWPACK is an extremely convenient and cost-efficient, multi-purpose tea-packaging solution. The new edition is the result of our over 65-year expertise in manufacturing packaging machines for the tea industry,” says Delapille. 

Visit Teepack at Tokyo Pack 2016 at booth 6-03 in Tokyo Big Sight (East Hall 1–6) from October 4 to 7, 2016.